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At the dawn of human inventiveness technology began liberating us from the pains of the world. We invented fire to warm ourselves and cook food, we invented ploughs to make farming easier, the printing press communicated our knowledge. Comparative to the year 500BC all people in the year 2013 were incredibly wealthy, immensely enriched, therefore many nations provided unemployment benefits and in October 2013 it was announced Switzerland would be holding a referendum on Basic Income.

Technology has been be a very powerful tool for freedom, evident via the communication power of the Internet or free software. SOFF educates people regarding how all aspects of science technology will create financial and libertarian freedom. Our free future of infinite wealth will happen no later than year 2045 but people often cannot comprehend how total freedom is possible. Via your support we could actually make our free future happen earlier than 2045. The purpose of SOFF is to change the world via awareness. Total freedom from the pains of the world is the ultimate goal of technology.

In year 2013 a carbon nanotube computer and other experimental computers were created, solar cells were becoming increasingly efficient, machine learning and artificial intelligence were being employed to increase efficiency, 3D-printing was entering awareness (human livers and kidneys had been printed), various aspects of robotics demonstrated how jobs are vulnerable to computerization or automation, and asteroid mining projects were gathering momentum. Despite this wealth of progress many people didn't foresee the rapid evolution of science and technology, they didn't appreciate the move towards ultra-efficiency entailing everything being free due to essentially limitless resources.

Acceptance of everything becoming free is challenging. The human mind struggles to grasp how nobody will need to work, likewise people cannot visualise all governments being abolished. Disbelief regarding these issues is natural. Scarcity has deeply shaped life on Earth. We are fighting against 3.6 billion years of scarcity-based evolution, thus expectation of scarcity is deeply ingrained. More recently we're fighting against the evolutionary legacy of the human race, which is at least 150,000 years of ingrained scarcity-perspective.

Post-Scarcity totally contradicts typical human understanding of nature, therefore it's unsurprising when people in the year 2013, 2014, 2015, and for at least a few more years, reject the possibility of everything being free. Doubt regarding the inevitability of Post-Scarcity could easily continue until the year 2030, but hopefully acceptance of Post-Scarcity will occur much sooner.

Newcomers to these issues might sceptically ask the following questions. What is this craziness? How can everything possibly be free? Why will nobody need to work? Is this for real or is it science fiction? It's nonsense, I don't believe it, humans don't have the intelligence to make this happen, how can human minds make everything free?

13 Point IQ reduction

Brainpower is a great place delve deeper into these issues. Intelligence helps people grasp what SOFF is about. Let's consider the following quote from

"People have very limited cognitive capacity. We discovered that scarcity hijacks a lot of it and leaves too little for many of the things we need to do. That’s going to have personal and policy implications."

Newcomers may feel overwhelmed by these new concepts but don't worry, everything is very quick and easy to understand. By the end of this perspective adjustment everyone will have a deeper acceptance of radical future possibilities. Your mind will be opened to how Post-Scarcity creates total financial freedom, you will appreciate why Basic Income is a step towards Post-Scarcity, you will understand the meaning of the Singularity.

The sole purpose of money is to regulate scarcity. For example diamonds in the year 2013 don't grow on trees, therefore a high price for diamonds restricts them to a minority of rich people. If you could grow diamonds similar to how you grow potatoes then diamonds would be less scarce, thus they would be very cheap similar to the price of potatoes.

Governments exist purely to manage money, they manage the social dysfunction arising from money. The root of all wars, hostility, and crime is money therefore Post-Scarcity entails a world of great peace.

Post-Scarcity will create this freedom. Basic Income is a step towards Post-Scarcity. Almost certainly this totally free situation happen no later than year 2045, but with sufficient support can accelerate Post-Scarcity or the implementation of Basic Income.
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The book "Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much":

ARRRRGGGHHHHH spelling things out for people, this is all so obvious:

Currently there is a scarcity of brainpower. Human intelligence is very limited but progress is being made regarding artificial intelligence. Humans make life significantly easier via brainpower. Previous inventions means creating the next set of inventions is easier. Technological progress is accelerating. It was difficult to create the first computer but now smart-phones and supercomputers are evolving quickly. Artificial intelligence will be able to solve problems beyond human comprehension, but maybe you think AI is science-fiction? Thankfully NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Vint Cerf, and Eric Schmidt have all stated science is becoming or will become science fact.

Via TECHNOLOGY we continually do more for less. Power, efficiency, and expertise increase while prices decrease (prices decrease relatively regarding inflation). Scarcity creates high prices (gold or diamonds for example). Technology liberates us from scarcity. Accelerating progress by 2045 will entail Post-Scarcity, which means everything will be free, nobody will need to work. Our free future can be difficult to believe therefore we raise awareness to ensure a smooth and early transition.

There is some severe misunderstanding of Post-Scarcity, most notably evidenced regarding the The Zeitgeist Movement, which leads to the wooly, confused, and misleading concept of a RBE (archive (archive (archive

Venus project video RBE (archive

Similar to people thinking Post-Scarcity already exists, people often think the Singularity has already happened or is going to happen purely due to the advent to the wearables market. I suspect Singularity University is largely responsible for this confusion regarding the meaning of the Singularity because instead the Singularity being a colossal and revolutionary intelligent explosion, radically transforming every aspect of our world, Singularity University relabels the Singularity via the false assertion the Singularity is "...unexpected moments of dramatic technological change and the need to foresee their implications and opportunities." So based the mis-definition of the Singularity being merelt dramatic and unepxted "The iPhone arriving was a Singularity, everything changed" Resse Jones Singularity University Trustee Many Singularities: thus Deep Blue etc industrial revolution Robin Hanson

Solecistical usage of "Singularity" is a bastardising misnomer.
"I would argue that we’re currently living the singularity, where the tool stops and the mind begins will start becoming blurry."

Death of Steve Jobs:
Generating awareness is unfortunately not easy, thus
SOFF is about monetary freedom. Everything will be free. Nobody will need to work. All governments will be abolished. Post-Scarcity will create this freedom. Basic Income is a step towards Post-Scarcity.


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