Famous Support

Famous people can easily start prominent public debates. Their media access is very valuable because millions of fans typically respect their views. The popularity of famous people combined with their mass-media access means they're vital for raising awareness. Famous people possess the power to significantly influence people. Their power to change the world is immense!

Communication Power

We urge famous people to utilise their media platforms, and the loyalty of their fans, to prominently mention Post-Scarcity and Basic Income, thereby accelerating our transition into the Post-Scarcity era. If you're famous please make your powerful voice heard via #SOFFfamous. Join the famous people who Support Our Free Future (examples):

"Post-Scarcity is the most important issue today in the world. Via PS awareness we can discover the inspiration to start implementing basic income."

"#SOFFfamous, I love it! Let's make everything FREE! Support this now! http://supportfreefuture.blogspot.com."

If you aren't famous you can nevertheless make a big difference. Please include #SOFF in your social network updates, and ask your favourite famous person to join the supporters. You can also share this page via the options below:

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