Our purpose is to generate passionate support for our free future. We must take action to ensure people are inspired. Change will be easy when everybody is inspired, very excited, about our wonderfully free future. Awareness is our focus.

Awareness is the seed of social and political change. Radical change depends upon people being aware change is really possible. Technological progress is a source of huge inspiration, it's a reason for immense passion, but many people were unaware of technological potential. This SOFF awareness campaign seeks to instil unshakable certainty regarding everything being free. Radical technological progress naturally ensues from solid certitude. We need to create a deep awareness of how it is possible to accelerate our amazing future.

This SOFF awareness campaign has three focal points:

  1. Basic income
  2. Deflation
  3. Post-Scarcity

Implementation of #BasicIncome is the earliest significant stage of progress towards Post-Scarcity. Basic income is therefore our first point of awareness. Our second point or awareness is deflation, we need prices to deflate to zero because this is the pathway to everything being free. We use the hashtag #DeflateToZero to focus awareness on deflation (see below for more details about deflation). Finally Post-Scarcity is our third and most important point of awareness. #PostScarcity is our ultimate objective, this is our overall goal because it entails total freedom.

You can take action by sharing the following badges-symbols-logos, embedding the images on your blog or website, using the above hashtags, sharing this blog, and generally raising awareness.

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The inflationary economic model is generally wrong. Inflation is mainly created artificially via financial trickery, for example quantitative easing. Inflation typically doesn't reflect consumer spending, it usually doesn't reflect resource availability, it doesn't accurately reflect supply and demand. In the worst case scenario prices should be roughly static. Logically prices should decrease in relation to progress. Prices do decrease relatively because despite inflation people usually have more money to cope with the higher prices, but this doesn't mitigate the fact of inflation being the wrong direction for everything being free.

We need to deflate to zero. How do we achieve a situation where everything is free? The answer is simple, prices must gradually become cheaper until we reach the point where we dispense with money totally. We need to reach the point of zero cost via a progressive decrease of price until we reach zero prices. Inflation is illogical based upon technological progress, inflation is contradictory, inflation is the wrong direction for everything being free.

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