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A basic income guarantee is an unconditional income provided to all citizens without requiring them to work for their money. It's all about free money. Alternate descriptions for this concept are: citizen's income, basic unconditional income, or other similar variations. For simplicity we will henceforth use the phrase "basic income" to define this concept.

Basic income is a Post-Scarcity precursor. Basic income is a superb transitional period, which will help people adjust to the idea of everything being free. The partial freedom of basic income will help people acclimatize to eventual Post-Scarcity. Basic income is a brilliant intermediary step towards everything being free. It allows people to accept the idea of free money, unconditional wealth irrespective of savings or employment status, the power to possess goods without working.

Robot Revolution Job Loss      ........... EDITING

Some people wrongly think basic income is a minority issue, but in the not too distant future a majority of people will be unemployed. Technological progress entails automation, which means robots increasingly perform jobs formerly performed by humans. Various media outlets consequently discuss the possibility of robots "stealing" human jobs. gizmodo   ,  boingboing       , Forbes Andrew Mcafee  h Bloomberg  h   h   h
basic income is relevant to everyone PBS video "Man vs. Machine: Will Human Workers Become Obsolete?"

In the following video Peter Diamandis (co-author of the book Abundance) talks about how "Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK."

National Geographic published article, April 2013, about AI and robots making jobs obsolete, which included the infographic artificial intelligence is working hard so we can hardly work. National Geographic wrote: "They may not have taken your job yet, but the possibility is probably a lot closer than you might think."

Technological unemployment is becoming an accepted fact, thus in February 2013 The Guardian wrote: "Recently, automation in manufacturing has expanded even to areas where labour has been relatively cheap. In 2011, Chinese companies spent 8bn yuan (£8.37bn) on industrial robots. Foxconn, which build iPads for Apple, hopes to have their first fully automated plant in operation sometime in the next five-to-10 years."

http://techcrunch "is technology destroying jobs?"
Jason Silva: job obsolete Race Against The Machine Our Automated Future

Applied Basic Income

Canada  Evelyn Forget interview with Evelyn

India  Brazil

Namibia Omitara and Otjivero

Basic Income Grant (BIG) Coalition

In 2009 Der Spiegel wrote:

"It sounds like a communist utopia, but a basic income program pioneered by German aid workers has helped alleviate poverty in a Nambian village. Crime is down and children can finally attend school. Only the local white farmers are unhappy."

"Haarmann says that he doesn't understand why the farmers are reacting so emotionally to the basic income. One farmer, who baited a Swedish camera team with his eight dogs, says that he had received emails with racist comments. "I assume that the farmers are afraid," says Haarmann -- afraid that the poor will gain some influence and deprive the rich, white 20 percent of the population of some of their power.

"Their dissatisfaction probably stems in part from the fact that if a basic income is widely introduced, it will be the rich whose taxes will go up to help pay for the program."

"...economic activity in the village has grown by 10 percent..."

"Only 3 percent of the gross domestic product, or €115 million, would be enough to provide a basic income for all Namibians."

Time For Change

In April 2013 George Monbiot wrote in the Guardian, and on his personal site:

"A basic income removes the stigma of benefits while also breaking open what politicians call the welfare trap. Because taking work would not reduce your entitlement to social security, there would be no disincentive to find a job – all the money you earn is extra income. The poor are not forced by desperation into the arms of unscrupulous employers: people will work if conditions are good and pay fair, but will refuse to be treated like mules. It redresses the wild imbalance in bargaining power that the current system exacerbates. It could do more than any other measure to dislodge the emotional legacy of serfdom. It would be financed by progressive taxation – in fact it meshes well with land value tax."

Italian edition of Huffington Post citizen's income  "reddito di cittadinanza" "grilloeconomics" "How do they intend to finance their guaranteed minimum monthly income of €1,000?"

reddit basic income
In 2013 discussion began regarding basic income being a new human right
"More and more is produced with fewer and fewer people." 0m15s
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