Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Delays Creating SOFF Site

I have been rather delayed creating this site, when I first published this blog-post I was hoping to finish creating SOFF before the end of July 2013. Now, updating the post on 1st September 2013, it seems I was too hopeful. Midway through building this site I decided to create another site called Futuristic Reader, which is a simple site, it was almost complete when I initially composed this blog-post, but I became rather delayed because our world is incredibly depressing, from my viewpoint, thus the simplest of things is a struggle. Futuristic Reader was created to replace the demise of Google Reader.

Anyway regarding SOFF, I was close to finishing compiling all the content back in mid to late June 2013 (I had been writing the content off-line). The styling merely required fine but significant tuning for the best visual impression. I shall now during September October continue from where I paused.

On June 18th 2013 I sent a Tweet to Penn Jillette regarding the Famous Support page. I was hoping, not realistically, he would get the ball rolling, but nothing happened. It's such a hard, thankless task explaining the future, very depressing, not surprising I am delayed. Here is the Tweet to Jillette:

Here is a SOFF archive archive.is/I40lE (2nd Oct 2013), which I'll log here for my personal reference while I am making changes, designing the site.

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