Saturday, 19 April 2014

3D-Printer Feedstock Recycling

On G+ Singularity 2045, I posted about 3D-printer feedstock recyclers, dated 29 December 2013. I have now embedded the post below. Note also the post responsible for inspiring me to make this log, which is embeddable after the post about feedstock recycling. Someone mentioned, in comment, how the cost of inks or feedstock could stop mass uptake of 3D-printers. Consider feedstock recyclers merging with Drexler's APM.

A new recycler was about to launch at the time of this blog post, note Wastestream to Mainstream. There maybe more recyclers in April 2014, but at least it is important to note these three fully-fledged recyclers:

1. Filabot.
2. Filamaker.
3. Recyclebot.

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